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AMA health data privacy framework

American Medical Association
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AMA health data privacy framework

Hidden profit at your expense?

In this AMA article, you'll learn about:

  • AMA's privacy principles

" The AMA seeks to ensure that as health information is shared—particularly outside of the health care system—patients have meaningful controls over and a clear understanding of how their data is being used and with whom it is being shared. Above all, patients must feel confident that their health information will remain private. "

  • The power of medical data

" Without appropriate safeguards, patients’ data could become a commodity. Patients’ digital medical records are 50 times more valuable than financial information. "

  • Federal policy around health data

" As proposed, the rules would shift the paradigm from permitting data sharing to requiring that data be shared—including with third parties and non-HIPAA CEs who would be under no obligation to keep the information private. "

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