Anxiety in men: Fighting stereotypes

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Anxiety in men: Fighting stereotypes

Men worry like worried men

In this Medical News Today article, you'll learn about:

  • Why anxiety in men matters

" While common in men, anxiety disorders have largely been overlooked in men’s mental health literature, meaning there is little high-quality research on the subject. "

  • What are current coping styles to anxiety

" Although problem-based coping strategies may be effective in situations that are controllable or adjustable, they may fall apart if these conditions are not met. At this point, men are more likely than women to “self-medicate” as a form of avoidance behavior.

“Often men may use alcohol, tobacco, and other non-prescription and prescription drugs to reduce or control the experience and symptoms of anxiety,” Dr. Derek M. Griffith, founder and director of the Center for Men’s Health Equity, and professor of health systems administration and oncology at Georgetown University told MNT. "

  • How to seek help

" “From a proactive standpoint, men can look to foster emotional resilience by working to communicate and express emotions healthily, manage their stress levels, and improve their self-esteem,” said Chambers.

“Developing healthy relationships gives more space to express, and focusing on the fundamentals of eating well, sleeping optimally, and moving their bodies can provide the emotional balance to increase self-care and compassion,” he continued. "

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