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Black Maternal Mortality-The Elephant in the Room

Reducing black maternal mortality involves a multi-tiered approach involving the patient, provider and public health policy.
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Black Maternal Mortality-The Elephant in the Room

Let's be clear about black mothers

In this NCBI article, you'll learn about:
  • Why Black women are disproportionately affected by maternal mortality

" Moreover, when assessing the national black maternal mortality rate, it is quadruple [6] that of non-Hispanic white women5. Even in states such as California that appeared to buck the national trend (8.3/100,000), Black women still died at triple the rate (26.6/100,000) in that state (Figure 1) [6] "

  • Black women's adverse pregnancy outcomes

" Black women are more likely to have perinatal complications that confer a higher risk of cardiovascular disease despite similar socioeconomics. "

  • Racial bias from providers and perceived racial discrimation from patients

" Whether it is due systemic issues such as racism, implicit bias in the medical community amongst its providers or suspicion of the medical establishment (which has not always been transparent to people of color) [21], we must acknowledge that the conversation must not be truncated at socioeconomic factors alone. "

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