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Build trust in digital health

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In this Nature article, you'll learn about:
  • Rapid rollout of digital health approaches in the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic has neglected to prioritize data privacy.

  • There is a missed opportunity for building users' trust in these technologies for future outbreaks and quotidian healthcare.

  • Digital data are central to the global anti-COVID-20 arsenal, and dozens of apps are available.

  • In Israel, the government used emergency powers to track peoples' locations from their mobile phones for contact tracing. In the UK, the regulations for the control of patient information were changed in response to the pandemic's urgency.

  • Only 16 out of 50 COVID-19-related apps explicitly state their intent to anonymize users' data. A new consortium for sharing COVID-19 symptom data proposes a federated approach to storing peoples' health data. Google's contact-tracing app has come under fire for requiring users to give access to location data. Trust is built on strong foundations, transparency and preparedness are urgently needed.

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