Building Consumer Trust in the Digital Healthcare Era

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Building Consumer Trust in the Digital Healthcare Era

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  • Digital Health organizations need to find the right fit for both clinicians and patients. Only 45% of healthcare consumers trust tech companies in sharing personal data, according to Accenture survey. COVID-19 has served as a catalyst for people who are still hesitant to adopt digital health tools. Now is a great time to strengthen the consumer trust in digital healthcare industry. The mobile health app sector is growing rapidly and there are certain measures that can be taken to ensure privacy of data.

  • Data Theorem App Secure, a mobile application security solution, helped Wildflower identify and close 73 security issues and remove 11 harmful third-party libraries. A two-factor authentication and SSL technology can be used to encrypt the data being transmitted between the app and server. Physicians need to be well acquainted with digital health tools before recommending them to their patients. The growing customer demands has led to the fast growth of the healthtech industry. 57% of consumers are open to receiving remote virtual care at home.

  • Wearable devices and mobile health apps have witnessed a surge in use. The pandemic has brought a great opportunity for healthtech companies to meet the rising demands that can lead to the strengthening of trust. GoQii is a wearable device that has an OLED display and 360 motion sensor that measures activity and sleep quality. Hinge Health is a patient-driven digital hospital that launched a digital clinic for back and joint pain. Hello Heart helps people to monitor sugar levels, blood pressure using AI technology, and provides health tips in smartphones.
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