Cancer is Stalking Asian American Men. Science Isn't Doing Enough.

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Cancer is Stalking Asian American Men. Science Isn't Doing Enough.

Science. Race. Cancer.

In this Men's Health article, you'll learn about:

  • How cancer is affecting Asian men

" A study of pancreatic cancer cases between 1992 and 2015 found that Asian American men over 60 were much more likely to be diagnosed with the disease compared to women and Asian Americans under the age of 60. Prostate cancer is also common (1 in 11). And Asian Americans get stomach cancer twice as often as non-Hispanic white Americans.  "

  • Why scientific research is lacking

" Representation in clinical trials is also very low. In 2018, only 0.38 percent of NIH clinical research expenses went to AAPI research studies. Language access was the top reason cited for preventing participation. "

  • Strategies to lower the risk

" Secondly, AAPI men should ask their parents and relatives for more details about their medical history and what cancers run in their families. “A lot of Asian Americans either don't know their family history, or the older generations are reticent and unlikely to sort of talk about family history,” Dr. Lee said. “This is certainly true in the Korean American household in which I grew up. Having these discussions is absolutely critical.” "

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