Digital Trust: Earn It and Sustain It to Fuel Tomorrow's Healthcare

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Digital Trust: Earn It and Sustain It to Fuel Tomorrow's Healthcare

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  • Digital trust takes years to earn, but can evaporate in a matter of moments. A data breach can tarnish a brand's reputation as consumers choose other institutions for their care. For healthcare institutions, a data breach costs $6.2 billion in lost revenue. Organizations must prove the value they bring in exchange for consumers' information or risk eroding their trust. The success of precision health and genomics in the provider space require consumers be comfortable with the security of their unique genomic data.

  • As health systems move towards branding around precision medicine building trust today is vital. To enhance security, a multi-faceted approach that identifies areas of risk through app and network penetration testing for both on-premise and cloud-based data storage is critical. In January 2018, India's biometric database that held personal information on 90 percent of its citizens was hacked. Apple's Health app aggregates consumers' medical information from select health systems and patient-generated data to create a more holistic view of health. Consumers must not only trust their providers to securely store their information, but also trust Apple to do the same.
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