Digital Trust: Why It is Crucial for your Healthcare Business

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Digital Trust: Why It is Crucial for your Healthcare Business

Digital trust is a must

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  • Trust is the element that nurtures a business' success. It takes years for a business to earn its consumers' trust. But it only takes a minute for it to vanish if there is a data breach. 50% of consumers agreed that a bad digital experience would negatively affect their entire experience with their healthcare provider. In August 2020, IBM identified a cybersecurity vulnerability that may allow hackers to control insulin pumps remotely and alter dosages or manipulate medical device monitors.

  • What's even more worrisome is the fact that even wearables such as insulin pumps could be subject to hacking, resulting in patients' deaths. As new technologies emerge and develop, so do threats. It is advisable to include security and privacy experts in your risk management plans. The healthcare digital ecosystem is experiencing an intense digitalization process boosted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • However, when consumers don't trust the way their data is being stored and used by a business, they don't hesitate to walk away. Improving consumers' trust in digital technologies via well-defined security strategies and ethical policies will allow healthcare organizations to thrive in a digital landscape prone to cyberattacks.
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