Elements of Trust in Digital Heatlh Systems: Scoping Review

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Elements of Trust in Digital Heatlh Systems: Scoping Review

Element of Trust in a Digital World...

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  • This study highlights the enablers of and impediments to trust in digital health technologies and services. Altogether, we identified 3 primary stakeholders: patients, HCPs, and HAs. Our findings map out cross-cutting personal, technological, and institutional trust elements. For instance, those sitting at the high end of the socioeconomic spectrum may be prone to trust new technologies because of their perceived ability to control them. Despite stakeholder optimism about digital health tools, there are notable concerns about the accuracy of digital information.

  • This is exacerbated by the absence of uniform quality controls and standards. Domains such as personalized medicine rely on the creation of large cohorts of deeply characterized individuals. How to gain public support and personal commitment to build such infrastructures is far from obvious. Trust in digital health technologies and services depends on the interplay of a complex set of enablers and impediments. This study sheds light on what determines trust according to different stakeholders.

  • Actionable metrics can be developed to assess the trustworthiness of digital technologies in health care. Each metric would need to undergo a validation process before being deployed in practice by HAs charged with monitoring or developing digital health services.

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