Enabling more inclusive healthcare: Four market approaches to LGBTQ+ digital health

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Enabling more inclusive healthcare: Four market approaches to LGBTQ+ digital health

Cancer care for the LGBTQ+ community

In this RockHealth article, you'll learn about:

  • Queer health experience

" The data is troubling: 20% of trans individuals reported experiencing physical abuse from clinicians during in-person medical appointments, and eight percent of LGBTQ+ people said they’ve experienced harsh or abusive language from a provider.

Overwhelmed by these experiences and other challenges, LGBTQ+ individuals can feel forced to hide their sexual and/or gender identities (and therefore their true health needs) from providers, or to forgo care altogether."

  • White space for digital health innovation

" LGBTQ+ care across all age groups. LGBTQ+ individuals have unique health needs across their lifetimes, but they’re especially overlooked in adolescence and older age. Research on LGBTQ+ youth indicates that LGBTQ+ children are coming out at much younger ages than prior generations, and we see opportunities for startups to follow in Brightline’s footsteps and work with families who are learning how best to affirm and support LGBTQ+ family members. "

  • Current market trends

" Also, by being so attuned to their consumers’ needs, queer-competent digital health companies (as well as other companies focused on overlooked patient communities) are positioned as possible targets in today’s platform wars, where big digital health players are acquiring segment-specific companies to build out specialized offerings for people who need them most. "

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