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Health startups anxiously await new data sharing rules

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Health startups anxiously await new data sharing rules

Health startups want to pass go

In this Protocol article, you'll learn about:

  • New regulatory rules around patient data

" At their core, the new rules are meant to make it easier for people to obtain their medical data and share it with third-party apps or other doctors. They would require the health care industry to allow patients to access their personal health information through open APIs. "

  • How data privacy impacts entrepreneurs in digital health

" "Health care data is oxygen for entrepreneurs and indispensable for patients," Kocher said. "Data is what enables entrepreneurs to personalize experiences, anticipate what will happen, act early to prevent complications, and make health care more like every other modern experience." "

  • How data privacy impacts digital health investors

" Yet Kocher, Taneja and others are venture capitalists, another group singled out by Epic as profiting from the regulation. "The primary beneficiaries of this rule are venture capitalists and others taking advantage of patient data," Epic executive Sumit Rama told POLITICO. "

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