Healthcare Big Data and the Promise of Value Based Care

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Healthcare Big Data and the Promise of Value Based Care

Big brother = Big Data

In this NEJM Catalyst article, you'll learn about:
  • Applications for Big Data

" Expanding diagnostic service gives patients greater access to professional care. Apps for mobile devices, such as Aetna’s Triage, advise patients on their medical condition using aggregated data and can recommend patients seek medical care based on input to the app. "

  • Data lakes

"  While the term “data lake” is often used to describe a collection of raw big data, several events are underway that promise to build what might be called “data oceans” brimming with research and analysis opportunities. Researchers and funding agencies recognize the benefit of integrating and sharing clinical research data to fill such “oceans.” "

  • What is fueling the big data revolution

" The changes in medicine, technology, and financing that big data in healthcare promises, offer solutions that improve patient care and drive value in healthcare organizations. But, it will require stakeholders— providers, payers, pharmaceutical producers, government and policymakers, and the scientific and research communities — to collaborate and innovate to reinvent the design and performance of their systems. "

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