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Home care’s role in advancing health equity

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Home care’s role in advancing health equity

When it comes to equity in home care, there's hope.

In this McKnight Senior Living article, you'll learn about:

  • Creating a more diverse workforce

" For healthcare workers and those they care for, the care being provided and received is viewed through a cultural lens. With this diversity in home care staff comes an opportunity to connect more closely with those receiving care, as language barriers are overcome, and cultural considerations are understood and aligned."

  • Care in the rural setting

" The majority of healthcare professionals provide services in and around cities. In one study of over 6,500 healthcare professionals, less than 2% were located in rural areas. This reality makes accessing care more difficult for people living in rural regions, making home care a critical option. "

  • Advanced-age population

" Age discrimination becomes problematic when a care provider assumes someone’s medical issues are a result of aging, instead of investigating other causes based on their symptoms. Those receiving long-term care are often stereotyped as being confused or hesitant to be honest about the severity of their symptoms."

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