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How a California Program Puts Technology in the Hands of Seniors

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How a California Program Puts Technology in the Hands of Seniors

California is looking to lead the Senior Tech movement

In this Health Tech Magazine article, you'll learn about:

  • Background on California's senior tech pilot program

"A program known as Lighthouse, which started in 2020, is providing older adults in underserved aging communities with devices on which to make video calls, and network connectivity to support them. The program delivers telehealth services to these vulnerable communities while helping residents connect with loved ones who they may not have seen since early 2020. "

  • The digital health devices chosen for the program

" Organizers settled on providing users with Google Nest Hub Max devices. The thinking was that if seniors could learn to use the devices for video calls, they could also learn to use them for telehealth. The devices offered a number of features that were useful to the program: a voice-enabled interface that would be easy for seniors to use, as well as access to the Google Play Store and Google Assistant. "

  • Potential benefits of the program for seniors

" A team from the University of California, Davis is conducting a full evaluation of the program’s impact on social isolation and wellness. The hypothesis is that by using this technology, older adults will see increased connection and thereby increased involvement in tech-driven health initiatives. "

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