How a Testosterone Imbalance Can Harm Men's Health

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How a Testosterone Imbalance Can Harm Men's Health

Hormones raise hell

In this US News article, you'll learn about:

  • The impact of low testosterone

" Clinical studies show that testosterone deficiency is the most significant factor for age-related bone loss in men, especially those of more advanced age. When the testosterone levels in older men dip too low, osteoporosis and fracture risk increase significantly. "

  • The impact of high testosterone

" A too-high level of testosterone in the body can result in prostate enlargement as well as these other, possibly surprising concerns:


  • Effects of high testosterone on heart health

" Whether a man's too-high testosterone level results from supplementation misuse or a genetic predisposition, the result is an alarming increase in the risk of heart failure and blood-clotting disorders. "

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