How consumer trust can keep healthcare virtual

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How consumer trust can keep healthcare virtual

Trust what you can't see

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  • Consumer trust is indispensable in an ecosystem where power is shifting into consumer hands. A lack of trust could make consumers reluctant to engage with digital health, despite its benefits. The healthcare industry risks stalling voluntary virtual care service adoption in post-pandemic times. Only one in five consumers are "very confident" that their data is used responsibly and in their best interest. Trust is eroding for all stakeholders including providers, according to Accenture's latest study.

  • Mediocre trust levels have serious implications for the great work being done by many providers and payers to create and enable new modes of virtual care. Consumers want and need control over use of their personal data. They aren't asking: "Will you keep it safe?" as much as "will you use it in ways I approve of?". Payers and providers must provide care on consumers' terms if they expect to leverage personal data. Consumers want flexibility to opt in—and opt out later if they change their minds.

  • Data protection regulations become stricter and, more importantly, consumers become more conscious of risk. It's time for healthcare organizations to earn trust and, if well managed, trust can be used as a product asset and competitive differentiation.
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