How Digital Health Can Improve Patient Trust

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How Digital Health Can Improve Patient Trust


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  • Patient data is central to the use of analytics in digital health platforms, using real-time interaction and data from patient usage to power decision trees. Just one in five patients say they are "very confident" that their data is used responsibly and in their best interest. Creating a digital experience that is intuitive, interactive, and streamlined helps to build trust among patients.

  • Digital health platforms that create a personalized experience for each patient helps to build trust among patients. Medisafe uses advanced personalization to create a unique experience for patients, helping to guide them through more than 190 decision points so that the experience is unique to each user.

  • This personalized approach ensures trust in the digital tools but also supports greater adherence in treatment. By connecting the human experience with digital support, patients report greater trust and willingness to use digital platforms. Not all elements of the healthcare experience need human guidance (see patient forms, medical history, etc.) but having human support as an available resource creates trust in the care they're receiving. This advancement allows for nurses and practitioners to focus on the important 'human' elements of providing care.
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