How Does Trust Impact the Digital Healthcare Experience

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How Does Trust Impact the Digital Healthcare Experience

Drivers of healthcare UX

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  • Some doctors encourage prescribing or recommending digital apps for their treatment. Some "medical app stores" allow a patient to choose solutions that a payer provides. When companies or entities build these digital healthcare apps, many take a standard user experience (UX) approach. This may look effective, but fall short in terms of benefits to the patient. How the digital app lands in the user's digital device affects the trust, authority, context, and design of the experience.

  • Organizations looking to leverage UX to center human users should use these three guidelines to move design toward a vision of tomorrow's healthcare experience. User-centric design invites both patients and providers into ownership of the care process. It also helps guard against tech interruption of workflows and communications that need to be seamless as possible. The world has only seen a fraction of what technology can do in healthcare, but that potential won't be realized if people aren't at the center of development. This dynamic is particularly important for complex solutions such as neurotechnology and deep brain stimulation.

  • Poorly structured data, relevance, or simply not anticipating the right patient behaviors can tank compliance, no matter how well-intentioned the app is. Clinician burnout is at an all-time high, with some developers even creating EHR solutions to address the issue. To develop products and a UX that support clinicians, technology has to go beyond just providing data. It has to help clinicians access and compare information to support their decisions. This must happen in a way that integrates with existing health systems while still moving toward a clinician-friendly UX.
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