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How Health and Fitness Trackers Are About to Get a Lot More Granular

Many people have become accustomed to devices quantifying their steps or heart rate. That’s just the beginning.
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How Health and Fitness Trackers Are About to Get a Lot More Granular

Our wildest dreams of how health and fitness trackers can transform our lives.

In this Wall Street Journal article, you'll learn about:
  • What the future of dental care could like

" Camera-enabled toothbrushes could serve as oral scanners, beaming real-time information to dentists, who could use machine learning to sift through the data to determine whether patients need to come in for a visit, he says. "

  • What the future of sleep care could look like

" More futuristic offerings include robots that help lull patients to sleep with breathing exercises and “digital sleeping pills,” beamed through headbands that play music or soothing sounds when they sense users are about to wake up, says Dr. Seema Khosla, the medical director at the North Dakota Center for Sleep."

  • What the future of ubiquitous care could look like

" Thermometers are ubiquitous in households across the country. They are often the first medical tool that people consult once they start feeling sick. Aggregating those temperature readings and associated symptoms could someday quantify and diagnose illness at a population level. In the coming years, smart thermometers may be able to help determine whether patients have particular strains of flu or Covid-19, based on symptoms, temperature and other data collected in the area. "

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