How Medical Affiars Teams Can Promote Value-Based Clinical Trials

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How Medical Affiars Teams Can Promote Value-Based Clinical Trials

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  • Pharma's place in value-based care models

" John Kerins, managing director at healthcare investment bank Cain Brothers, tells Lagasse that pharma is increasingly approaching payers to set up a value-based payment arrangement for new products. He says the message from pharma is: “If it doesn’t work, we’ll give you your money back.”

Linking payment to outcomes — showing the drug can treat patients the way the drug label says it can — is a positive move from pharma. "

  • Data from value based care

" Patient-generated data outside of trial settings will help researchers understand patients’ lived experience. This will inform how regulatory decisions are made but also how sponsors and trial managers design trials and deliver information to patients, providers and payers about how drugs and therapies should work. Carino and McClellan say this is also in line with a primary goal of the 21st Century Cures Act. "

  • Merger and acquisition activity

" Digital engagement with stakeholders will also be necessary and MA teams will drive this. After all, HCPs prefer digital engagement to in-person meetings and many use social media for professional purposes to help deliver better patient care, says healthcare marketing consultant Hilary Armstrong, Ph.D.

MA teams can help deliver their messaging by connecting with digital opinion influencers —  medical professionals, industry analysts, reporters, patients, caregivers, or external experts. "

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