How Men Are Finding Mental Health Support With Digital Tools

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How Men Are Finding Mental Health Support With Digital Tools

Men hide behind their screens for health

In this Harvard Health Publishing article, you'll learn about:

  • Addressing stigma

" Anthony Sossong, MD, Harvard Pilgrim’s associate medical director for behavioral health care, believes that e-health offerings can help men take that first step toward accessing care and also provide anonymity if stigma is an issue. “These tools aren’t inherently more useful for men versus women, but they do provide additional access points for care,” Sossong says. “And that can be especially helpful for men to overcome their reluctance to seek out care in traditional ways. "

  • Increasing access and engagement

" But when it comes to seeking out therapy or medical mental health support online, finding a trusted platform is important—not just for the efficacy of care, but for patient safety and privacy, too. Psychiatrist Ipsit Vahia, MD, the medical director of McLean Hospital’s Institute for Technology in Psychiatry, recommends that app users make sure they understand what happens to the personal data they’re inputting. "

  • Digital health companies

" Sanvello, a very popular mental health mobile app, is one of their offerings. The app borrows heavily from cognitive behavioral therapy, an evidence-based modality that helps change negative patterns of thinking. Users can track their mood, sleep, and exercise; learn skills to manage their emotions; participate in anonymous chat groups; and connect with coaches and therapists through live video sessions. "

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