How physicians can untangle the web of relationships essential for value-based care success

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How physicians can untangle the web of relationships essential for value-based care success

The new social network - VBC

In this Medical Economics article, you'll learn about:
  • What a VBC network entails

" A VBC network consists of multiple stakeholders that may include hospitals, physician groups, payers, risk-bearing entities such as accountable care organizations (ACOs), clinically integrated networks, social service networks and community-based organizations (CBOs). Within these networks are many-to-many relationships in which an entity in one network may be engaged in several networks under various contractual engagements with other entities. "

  • Challenges providers face in VBC networks

" Traditional approaches and legacy systems, however, do not support the hierarchical relationship structures necessary for onboarding stakeholders in value-based contracts, creating a daunting challenge for providers. Further, traditional approaches and legacy systems do not enable scalability for the orchestration of cascading payment models (under which payer-provider collaborations incorporate risk-bearing entities and downstream participating providers). This reduces the ability of providers to accelerate adoption of varied alternative payment models. "

  • Innovation in VBC networks

" An integral part of effective VBA data infrastructure is use of technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Such technologies enable systems to glean information and insights from the treasure trove of big data collected and shared across the VBC network. Proper data digitization across structured and un-structured data enables data to be queried in a way that enables getting valuable insights that can help physicians as well as all entities involved in the network."

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