Improving Hypertension Control and Patient Engagement Using Digital Tools

American Journal of Medicine
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Improving Hypertension Control and Patient Engagement Using Digital Tools

Patient engagement matters

In this American Journal of Medicine article, you'll learn about:
  • How hypertension can be managed with digital interventions

" We have shown that redesigning care delivery using a digital health program can substantially improve blood pressure control, with 71% of previously uncontrolled hypertension patients achieving blood pressure control within 90 days, compared with only 31% of usual-care patients. "

  • Type of patients involved in the trial

" Second, only patients who possessed a smartphone were eligible to enroll, which raises issues about education, socioeconomic, and motivational biases. However, the mean age of our population was 68 years, and on screening, 23% lacked common technology skills, suggesting that our cohort was not biased toward a younger, more tech-savvy population. "

  • Patient engagement factors to consider

" Factors in the patient domain, such as health literacy, patient activation, social isolation, and medication affordability play a significant role in disease control and should be considered in population health-management strategies. "

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