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Information Blocking: What Providers and Programmers Need to Know

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Information Blocking: What Providers and Programmers Need to Know

With great information comes great responsibility

In this JDSUPRA article, you'll learn about:
  • A breakdown of the Cures Act

" Federal enforcement of the 21st Century Cures Act’s (the Cures Act) prohibitions on improper blocking of electronic health information is ramping up. The Cures Act already targets technology developers and health information networks for penalties; now, enforcement is on the way against healthcare providers who improperly block the exchange of information. "

  • Penalties of the Cures Act

" The 21st Century Cures Act empowers the HHS Office of Inspector General (OIG) to issue civil monetary penalties of up to $1 million against software developers, networks or exchanges that interfere with the proper exchange of electronic health information. "

  • How providers can remain compliant

" Both to comply with the law and defend themselves against any future allegations of impropriety, organizations will want to establish a specific, clear, codified process for evaluating information requests. It is vital that the necessary staff members know where the safe harbors are — and where they are not. "

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