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Interoperability and Patient Access Final Rule: What to Know

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Interoperability and Patient Access Final Rule: What to Know

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In this HealthIT Answers article, you'll learn about:
  • The CMS patient and interoperability rules

" Part of the effort involves creating a network of regional data brokers arbitrating how information flows from patients to approved parties after consent occurs. A tier-based system will also dictate how patients authorize information sharing, whether by opting in or out. "

  • What will change with these new rules

" For example, a part of the final rule requires providers to link electronic health records to third-party apps. Then, patients can access that data via applications that they may already know and love, eliminating the learning curve associated with using an unfamiliar method to see the data. "

  • What HealthIT professionals should do next

" The Interoperability and Patient Access final rule requires substantial changes to data access and sharing. People working at facilities that must abide by the new specifics must not wait too long to build or improve the framework that will enable them to meet the stated deadlines. "

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