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Is ‘Femtech’ the Next Big Thing in Health Care?

The New York Times
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Is ‘Femtech’ the Next Big Thing in Health Care?

Femtech - Fad or the Future?

In this New York Times article, you'll learn about:

  • Investments in the women's health technology market

" In 2019, the “femtech” industry — software and technology companies addressing women’s biological needs — generated $820.6 million in global revenue and received $592 million in venture capital investment, according to PitchBook, a financial data and research company. "

  • Reasons behind slow innovation in femtech

" She said one reason women-related needs had not been focused on in the field of technology was that life sciences research was overwhelmingly “tailored to the male body.” In 1977, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration excluded women of childbearing age from taking part in drug trials. . Since then, women have been underrepresented in drug trials, Dr. Tempest said, because of a belief that fluctuations caused by menstrual cycles could affect trial results, and also because if a woman got pregnant after taking a trial drug, the drug could affect the fetus. As a result, she noted, “we do lag behind men.” "

  • Ways to expand this category

" Mr. Payen explained that for the femtech market to expand and develop, there have to be many more tech companies offering genuine health benefits to women, not just well-being apps crowding the market and adding little in terms of health or medical value. He cited the example of Endodiag, a French medical technology company that allows early diagnosis of endometriosis and a better management of the condition. "

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