Management of Hypertension in the Digital Era

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Management of Hypertension in the Digital Era


In this American Heart Association article, you'll learn about:
  • Remote hypertension management vs in-office management

" Out-of-office blood pressure (BP) determined using ambulatory BP monitoring (ABPM) and/or home BP monitoring (HBPM) is recommended for the diagnosis of hypertension in major international guidelines.1–11 Home and/or ambulatory BP readings have been shown to provide better prognostic information about target organ damage and cardiovascular risk than measurement of office BP.12–23 However, current approaches to ABPM and HBPM also have a number of well-known limitations, including patient comfort, sleep disturbance, availability, and cost.24–26 "

  • Machine learning in hypertension care

" The central concept is to examine time and frequency domains from physiological signals to extract BP-related features and then use machine learning to eliminate unwanted features and calculate BP from optimal data. "

  • Wearable devices for hypertension management

" App-based measurements are limited by reliability,56 and a large proportion of devices marketed for home BP monitoring are unvalidated.57 Nevertheless, there is a growing body of evidence to support wearable medical devices from experienced manufacturers. "

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