Mars vs. Venus: The gender gap in health

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Mars vs. Venus: The gender gap in health

Polar opposite gaps

In this Harvard Health Publishing article, you'll learn about:

  • Biological factors contributing the sex health gap

" The Y chromosome is only about a third as large as the X and contains far fewer genes than the female sex chromosome. Some of these genes may be linked to diseases that contribute to the excess male mortality throughout life. In addition, if a woman has a disease-producing gene on one of her X chromosomes, it may be counterbalanced by a normal gene on the other X, but if a man has the same bad gene on his X chromosome, he lacks the potential protection of a matching gene. "

  • Social factors contributing the sex health gap

Social networks and supports. It's true: people are good medicine. Strong interpersonal relationships and support networks reduce the risk of many problems, ranging from the common cold and depression to heart attacks and strokes. In contrast, social isolation has been identified as a heart disease risk factor. "

  • Tips on how to close the gap

" 6. Reduce stress. Get enough sleep. Build social ties and community support. "

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