Men's health: time for a new approach to policy and practice?

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Men's health: time for a new approach to policy and practice?

New tactics for new tricks

In this National Center for Biotechnology Information article, you'll learn about:

  • Risk-tacking and masculinity

" In rural India, for example men’s use of tobacco is closely linked to their perception that a “real man” should be daring, courageous and confident and able to demonstrate his manliness by smoking [10]. A study of men in Russia suggested that heavy drinking of strong spirits “elevates or maintains a man’s status in working–class social groups by facilitating access to power associated with the hegemonic ideal of the real working man” [11]. Evidence shows that promoting positive models of manhood, such as caring and involved fatherhood, while concurrently addressing structural barriers, can improve men’s help and health–seeking behavior [12]"

  • What works with men

"  A study of the core elements that make for successful work with boys and men on mental health promotion, early intervention and stigma reduction found that the settings within which interventions take place need to be “male friendly” and culturally sensitive to the specific requirements of different groups of men and boys [19]. Interventions that aim to reshape male gender roles in ways that lead to more equitable relationships between women and men can reduce sexually transmitted infections and prevent intimate partner violence [20]. Easier–to–access primary care services could also reduce some of the barriers to service use experienced by men. "

  • The benefits for improved health for men

" Healthier men would reduce the economic costs of lost productivity and health treatments. Men’s premature mortality and morbidity has been estimated to cost the United States economy approximately US$ 479 billion annually [17] while the economic burden associated with smoking, excess weight, alcohol and physical inactivity in Canadian men is believed to be about CA$ 37 billion a year (US$ 28 billion). "

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