Men's Overall Better Health Begins With Regular Check-Ups

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Men's Overall Better Health Begins With Regular Check-Ups

Knock. Knock. Your late for that checkup

In this Digital Journey article, you'll learn about:

  • Concerns for men's health

" High blood pressure. Colon cancer. High cholesterol. Prostate cancer. In the past these might have been considered concerns for the older male population alone. But new studies, and new screening techniques are highlighting the need for men to check in regularly with their physician to maintain good health. "

  • Trends around self care

" “Overall, the stereotype of men not being proactive in their health screenings seems to fit,” Dr. Hansen said. “However, as they get older, that starts to change.” "

  • Advice on how to stay proactive

" For some patients, regular bloodwork to monitor cholesterol levels should be conducted for men in their 20s, with screenings for colon cancer at age 45 or earlier, and fluctuating ages for prostate cancer depending on the patient’s medical history.

“The truth is, you’re safest doing just what we were programmed to do when we were younger — yearly medical check-ups,” Dr. Hansen said, though he admits this is a tough sell for a lot of men. "

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