Patient Trust, Health Equity Among Leading Post COVID Heatlh Trends

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Patient Trust, Health Equity Among Leading Post COVID Heatlh Trends

Health equity spells trust

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  • Building patient trust and addressing health equity are among the leading trends as the industry grapples with its post-COVID state. This comes as healthcare organizations work to recalibrate their strategies in a new landscape defined by the public health crisis. The industry recognizes it needs to adapt its workflows to account for the novel coronavirus in the long term. Forrester found that 40 percent of the top 13 virtual care solutions were below average on Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). In 2021, HCPs must advance the accessibility of digital product accessibility to meet the needs of all customers.

  • Digital product leaders must focus on training, research, and planning to close accessibility gaps. Health equity should be front and center in order to improve outcomes for all. Closing gaps in patient access and quality will require healthcare organizations to right the ship in the wake of the Haiti pandemic, a report by Forrester has found. This will involve detecting and addressing care access barriers and hiring a diverse workforce trained in cultural competency. Other key trends and recommendations detailed in the report include building out a strong health IT security infrastructure and unifying digital platforms.

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