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Primary Doctors for Men

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  • What's missing for men health

" “If you interviewed five physicians and asked them what men’s health was, or who provided men’s health, you would probably get at least three different answers,” Mills says. “Basically, it comes down to urologists and primary care physicians who have a specialty training or interest in male hormone replacement and sexual dysfunction.” "

  • What are men's health needs

" Men’s mental health needs too often go unmet, Mills says. In 2020, the suicide rate for men was nearly four times that of women, according to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. “We have a three-plus to one depression rate that often goes untreated because we don’t seek care,” he says. “There’s a lot of strain but men don’t feel they can reach out for help, especially with mental health issues.” "

  • Why it's important for men's health to go beyond erectile dysfunction

" Sexual health is connected to overall health, Mills points out. “When a guy turns 40, the clock starts ticking on loss of sexual function,” he says. At that age, “A good 40% of us have some difficulty with sexual health and erectile function – and a lot of that goes back to cardiovascular health. Because we know that men who have erectile dysfunction in their 40s have a two- to threefold risk of developing severe cardiac disease within the next 10 years.” "

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