The Digital Currency You'll Use to Buy Your Next Car: Your Health Data

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The Digital Currency You'll Use to Buy Your Next Car: Your Health Data

Your health is your wealth

In this Forbes article, you'll learn about:
  • The value of your health records

" Not surprisingly, the value of your health data is skyrocketing. Currently, the average complete electronic health record is worth about $250. Synced with genetic data, it may be worth upwards of $6,500. Yet, this only scratches the surface of your health data’s potential value, which has been mostly limited to point-in-time, clinical information collected in hospitals and doctor’s offices. "

  • The market around health data

" The natural evolution of this ecosystem will see health data transformed into an asset that can be controlled, shared and monetized by the individuals who create and own it in a secure and anonymous way for personal financial gain. Tech companies solving this problem are already developing the requisite collection and distribution technologies to facilitate health data transactions on behalf of individuals. In the process, they will create a new marketplace where your health data will become digital currency. "

  • How valuable will health data be long term

" Health data’s staying power as a digital currency will be its universal applicability: With the right tools, anyone can collect health data and make financial gains. For some, it can become a form of supplemental passive income generated simply by monitoring your body throughout your daily life. For others, it may even become a primary source of income. "

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