The New Rules of High Blood Pressure

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The New Rules of High Blood Pressure

How to watch your heart

In this Washington Health System article, you'll learn about:
  • When patients should see a doctor about their blood pressure

" “A patient should consider seeing a physician if they have elevated blood pressure. By the new ACC/AHA 2017 guidelines, elevated systolic blood pressure is considered 120-129mmHg. "

  • What patients should do if they have high blood pressure

" For most patients, the first line of treatment is to employ the lifestyle changes mentioned before. Most doctors will recommend a low sodium diet such as the DASH diet, which is rich in fruits, vegetables and grains. Increasing physical activity and decreasing alcohol consumption are healthy recommendations as well."

  • Who is at risk for developing high blood pressure

" “Some risk factors for developing hypertension include obesity, aging, diabetes, tobacco abuse, heavy caffeine usage, a sedentary lifestyle, emotional stress and a poor diet with high levels of sodium intake,” says Dr. Susco. "

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