The Promise of Digital Health: Then, Now and the Future

National Academy of Medicine
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The Promise of Digital Health: Then, Now and the Future

Promises. Promises. Promises

In this National Academy of Medicine article, you'll learn about:
  • Digital innovation and medical care

" Digital tools that collect data and support interventions outside the clinical setting offer meaningful opportunities to identify risks and engage patients. Consumer-facing apps and clinical monitors that actively or passively collect data can also serve as an early warning system for prevention and disease management. "

  • Requirements for digital health infrastructure

" Cybersecurity and privacy concerns are major obstacles to digital health adoption, continue to erode patient trust, and reinforce health systems’ reluctance to share data. Psychological resistance, the risk of ubiquity of data, consequences of a breach, and patchwork of local and national privacy protections—or lack thereof—have created barriers to the use of pioneering, forward-looking digital health tools, and as such, cybersecurity must not be an afterthought. "

  • Near term actions for the future of digital health

" A multi-stakeholder panel should be convened to develop recommendations to meaningfully engage the diverse individual consumers of health care in all health care sectors. This panel should follow the adage “nothing about me without me” to ensure the priorities of focusing on the individual and embedding equity and transparency as a first principle. "

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