The State of the LGBTQ Community in 2020

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The State of the LGBTQ Community in 2020

How health impacts the queer community

In this Center for American Progress article, you'll learn about:

  • How costs affect LGBTQ folks from getting care

" Twenty-nine percent of respondents said that in the past year, “I have postponed or not tried to get medical care when I was sick or injured because I could not afford it,” with another one-quarter saying they have postponed preventive screenings due to costs. Among transgender respondents, 51 percent have postponed or avoided care due to cost, and 40 percent have avoided or postponed preventive screenings due to cost. "

  • The unique barriers transgender patient face when receiving care

"  Thirty-three percent of respondents reported having to teach their doctor or provider about transgender people in order to get appropriate care. Thirty-eight percent of transgender Americans said that their doctors or other providers have been visibly uncomfortable with them because of their gender identity, and 25 percent said that health care professionals refused to give them medical treatment related to their gender transition. "

  • The impact of COVID on the queer community

" Overall, two-thirds of LGBTQ Americans say they are anxious about the possibility that they or one of their loved ones will get the coronavirus. Retired individuals, disabled individuals, and Hispanic individuals express more anxiety than others about contracting COVID-19, but concern crosses the entire community."

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