Using Remote Patient Monitoring to Lower Hypertension Progression

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Using Remote Patient Monitoring to Lower Hypertension Progression

What happens at home matters

In this Xtelligent Healthcare Media article, you'll learn about:
  • Establishing a basic remote monitoring program

" According to Withings Chief Medical Officer Shikha Anand, MD, MPH, a healthcare organization launching an RPM program for hypertension must ensure the devices used in the home are properly calibrated and that patients know how to take their blood pressure. A successful program takes an appropriate amount of time and effort to make sure patients are comfortable with the technology so that the act of gathering data is not a burden and that data is accurate and reliable. "

  • What proactive care management looks like

" By reviewing the data with patients, a provider can help them connect the dots between behavior and health and enforce the importance of medication adherence. "

  • How RPM will evolve in a digital era

"  Devices, including wearables and sensor-embedded clothing, will become more sophisticated in capturing and transmitting reliable biometric data to providers. "

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