Value-Based Frameworks Can Help Transform Kidney Care Delivery

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Value-Based Frameworks Can Help Transform Kidney Care Delivery

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In this AMJC article, you'll learn about:

  • The alignment between payors and providers

" ​​”When these value-based care models are put together appropriately, both the payers' and the providers' interests are aligned, and the winner is ultimately the patient, because in these value-based care models, we can actually buy things for patients that we cannot afford in a transactional FFS environment,” he explained. “As a company invested in things that ordinarily you'd think, 'Well, wait a minute, as a for-profit health care company, there's not a return on investment here,' in value-based care, there is.” "

  • How Medicare plays a role in VBC for kidney disease

" Described by Ketchersid as the current focus of value-based care, kidney disease, specifically end-stage renal disease (ESRD), affects 1% of the Medicare population, yet these patients consume approximately 7% of the budget. His organization has been involved in value-based care for over 15 years and is affiliated with 20 of the 55 risk arrangement models operating today by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) for the management of ESRD and chronic kidney disease (CKD). "

  • The future of kidney disease in value based care

" Ketchersid said that moving forward nephrologists and those involved in kidney care delivery will have to be knowledgable on the full care continuum from early stages of CKD to dialysis. Additionally, the need for care models to be certified by certain regulatory organizations was cited, as payers’ delegation of risk to providers in value-based contracting will require assurance that the return on investment is achievable. "

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