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Value-Based Healthcare Initiatives in Practice: A Systematic Review

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In this Journal of Healthcare Management article, you'll learn about:
  • The study's intent

" Value-based initiatives are growing in importance as strategic models of healthcare management, prompting the need for an in-depth exploration of their outcome measures. This systematic review aimed to identify measures that are being used in the application of the value agenda. "

  • The impact on financial cost savings

" A considerable proportion of the studies (36%) achieved results that contributed to value-based financial outcomes focused on cost savings. An important common finding was that the calculated savings were derived from reductions in readmissions and inpatient stays, and the savings are accounted for as an indirect financial impact. "

  • Difficulties in measuring health outcomes

" In agreement with the factors listed by Martin and colleagues (2019), our results demonstrate that measuring outcomes in healthcare has been difficult for three reasons: (1) current outcome measurements consist of nonstructured and condition-related data that are difficult to access, (2) adherence to evidence-based processes rather than clinically and patient-reported driven results is limiting, and (3) the healthcare provider seldom incorporates an integrated view of the patient’s outcomes over the full cycle of care."

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