What Hospital Success Looks Like Under Value-Based Care

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What Hospital Success Looks Like Under Value-Based Care

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In this HIT Consultant article, you'll learn about:

  • How VBC reduces hospital admissions

" To appropriately address SDoH, hospitals require care coordination technology to proactively consider these roadblocks to care and connect patients with local home- and community-based organizations to reduce patients’ reliance on hospitals and prevent avoidable visits and admissions. By proactively addressing patients’ social-risk factors through technology, hospitals take a comprehensive and coordinated approach to whole-person care, resulting in better outcomes, lower costs, and sustainable care – all critical to success under value-based care models. "

  • How VBC improves care coordination

" To facilitate this conversation, providers leverage care coordination technology to support level of care decision-making by considering historical quality and outcomes data of similar patients. Equipped with the right tools, providers can make the appropriate post-acute care decision for their patients to mitigate readmission risk and reduce potential post-acute care spending. "

  • How VBC prevents readmission

" To avoid missteps in the care transition process that may ultimately result in readmissions, hospitals can utilize technology that unites stakeholders involved in a patient’s care on a singular platform. Providers can more efficiently refer patients to high-quality providers, monitor high-risk cohorts, gain visibility into the start of a home health care episode, get notified of any rehospitalizations and identify – early on – value-based patients to follow through the episode of care. "

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