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What is the Role of a Tech Concierge in Senior Care?

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What is the Role of a Tech Concierge in Senior Care?

Older adults demand tech to stay connected to loved ones

In this Health Tech Magazine article, you'll learn about:

  • Growing tech needs for the elderly

" They noticed that their staff — who were already extremely busy with their care and organizational roles — were tackling more tech issues. They also found that residents were willing to pay for a tech concierge service because technology was important to them. "

"The pandemic accelerated the technology conversation in independent living communities as many were not prepared for the high demand at the start of the health crisis. When residents became isolated due to safety restrictions, technology kept them linked to their loved ones."

  • Where there is value in the market

" The pandemic highlighted the importance of technology in helping older adults stay connected with their loved ones — a boon to their mental health and to maintaining their cognitive abilities. The need for tech support will certainly spur the growth of tech concierge services."

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