Why digital healthcare is transforming men's health

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Why digital healthcare is transforming men's health

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In this Numan article, you'll learn about:

  • How men can benefit from tech

" Having an app, digital tracker or tool through which to engage with healthcare is appealing to many men. The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically increased the uptake of online remote consultations and in many GP surgeries, this is the main method by which to contact the GP. Online form-based questionnaires allow men to access healthcare at a time convenient to them. "

  • Where men struggle in care

" Men often struggle communicating their emotions or describing symptoms in detail in a face-to-face interaction with a GP. In my practice, I’ve noticed that when required to write down their symptoms or feelings in an online consultation, men are far more detailed and revealing in their descriptions."

  • Importance of data in men's health

" Digital records, when data is managed securely, democratises healthcare and can allow all patients to see their notes, tests, and manage their health interactions. It breaks the archaic model of the doctor or health provider being the gatekeeper to your health data. This allows men to view their health data conveniently, online, and brings healthcare up to date with how men manage other aspects of their life including travel, food shopping and banking to name just a few, through their smartphones. "

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