Why Value-Based Care Begins with Quality Education

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Why Value-Based Care Begins with Quality Education

The key to Value in Care

In this Home Health Care News article, you'll learn about:

  • The importance of caregiver training

" Caregiver training is a valuable tool for employee retention and satisfaction. But it is also a critical factor in improving care delivery. This can lead to other positive outcomes such as increased client satisfaction and a strong reputation.

Organizations that understand the connection between training and quality care will not only serve their staff, but will also see improvement in the quality of the care their patients and clients receive."

  • The imbalance in the value based care industry

" In general, many organizations are not yet realizing value-based contracts and partnerships, but many also believe value-based care will drive business significantly in the near future. Forty-two percent of respondents project value-based contracts will account for more than half or most of their organization’s revenue in the next three to five years, according to a survey of home-based care professionals conducted by Home Health Care News and AlayaCare in early 2022."

  • The white space in quality education

" Historically, many organizations have conducted training programs merely as a means to achieve compliance among their caregiver populations. However, today’s successful providers are elevating those programs based on the populations receiving care — namely the aging population and the many associated chronic conditions.

“One opportunity we are seeing is moving beyond just compliance training,” says Jessica Jones, CareAcademy care experience outcomes manager. “We are offering condition-based certification, which connects the condition to the training and allows us to track that.” "

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