You can now make money selling your own health data, but should you?

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You can now make money selling your own health data, but should you?

You own it but should you sell it?

In this Fast Company article, you'll learn about:

  • The emerging consumer health data marketplace

" One company is lobbying state legislatures in Maryland and Oregon to make it easier for sellers and buyers to find each other. attempts to connect users of its app to companies and organizations using a “consent as a service” model: that is, extracting medical information from users who “consent for privacy” and “authorize for permitted use.” "

  • Risks associated with monetizing data

" In the wake of all the recent privacy scandals involving social media platforms sharing user data with third parties and advertisers, the potential misuse of genomic data represents the next chapter. Millions of people are giving up personal information without truly understanding the consequences of that sharing. "

  • Limits of data ownership

" “Even though people are being told they ultimately own their data, they’re not paying for it to exist. And it’s being shared on someone else’s platform,” she explains. This means you should be skeptical if a company claims it can give you the power to “own” your data—and it can end up being an empty promise, Young adds. "

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