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Digital health is a new and big market. Navigating it can be confusing so that's why we're here. We've taken the time to find and organize consumer digital health products for you. Just choose your interest and voila!

Company and Product Descriptions

We're not a tech spec kind of site. We want you to know about the product you're buying but equally important, we want you to know about the company you're buying it from.

In each profile, we give a short description about the company and product to help keep you informed.

Payment Options

Some but not all digital health products come at a low cost. That's why we've done preliminary research to give you guidance on which products are likely to accept FSA or HSA funds and which are likely to accept insurance.

Price Comparisons

In each profile, we'll give insight into the cost of the product.

Choose a category of products and you can easily see how they compare and match up.

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