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We humanize healthcare by cutting through the noise to bring you care whenever and whereever you are.

That's why we are dedicated to building a marketplace intent on informing, connecting and empowering our members about their health options, not just selling products.

We build the future of the web and software.

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Our Core Values

Remain curious

We continue to grow by maintaining an attitude to always ask "why" and seek answers

Practice humility

By recognizing that in our journey we will make mistakes, we prioritize learning and leave room for improvement

Be radically transparent

Trust is earned and we commit to practice transparency through responsive, open and honest communication

Keep a collaborative mindset

We seek ways to empower, help and celebrate our team members

Lead by serving others

We support each other through acts of service, kindness and care.

We don't have core values, because values mean nothing without action. So these are our core behaviors.

  1. Remain curious
  2. Practice humility
  3. Be radically transparent
  4. Be responsive
  5. Keep a collaborative mindset
  6. Lead by serving others
  7. Dream big
We’re dedicated to building a diverse team — in all senses of the word.
Our team in the Sydney office

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Blair Hirst
CEO and Founder

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Our Story

Exhausted with trying to understand and find the right technology to improve their own health, Digital Health Review was founded with a simple mission to share the value of tech-enabled healthcare with the world.

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