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Hurdle is mental healthcare for invisible barriers. As the leading provider of culturally intentional mental healthcare, our digital platform provides a comprehensive suite of mental health services and self-mastery tools to employers and payers to meet the needs of their employees and members, especially their Black employees. Our therapists are trained in an evidence-based approach that improves cultural humility and responsiveness.
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Smart Meter
Smart Meter is an innovative diabetes management data, technology and solutions company that supports and enables connected health through the proactive management of diabetes.
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Modern Fertility
We're a reproductive health company making personalized fertility information more accessible. We provide fertility hormone essentials, from at-home tests to digital tools and an online community, for anyone with ovaries — whether you’re trying for kids or not.
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Higi is a population health enablement company that empowers consumers to measure, track and act on their health numbers – blood pressure, pulse, weight, BMI, body composition, hydration -- through easily accessed higi self-screening health stations currently found at over 11,000 retail locations.
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Cohero Health
Cohero Health empowers those with respiratory illness to actively engage in their own care. Our proprietary connected health platform is disrupting the respiratory landscape and demonstrating measurably improved patient outcomes. Our comprehensive suite of tools and technology comprises form flexible inhaler sensors + mobile spirometers, to track real-time adherence & lung function, and a highly engaging mobile application accessible on iPhone, iWatch, and Android.
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Lumosity Labs
Lumosity is a leading brain training program, brought to you by Lumos Labs, Inc. Lumosity’s web and mobile games are designed by scientists to challenge core cognitive abilities.
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