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5 reasons why we exist


Of people have
low health literacy,
causing folks to use
and spend more on healthcare

is spent every year
in the US
as a result of
low health literacy

was invested in digital health
in 2021

of folks who use digital health,
use it for
information gathering

of people use reviews
to make informed purchase decision

how we show up for our community

Our goal is to be a trusted resource for digital health consumption. We're showing up in the following ways:

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    Understanding what is happening around your healthcare has never been more critical. We provide content that threads between digital health, public health and health equity to improve health literacy and build a community of empowered people.


    Insurance is confusing. Privacy and trust matters. And there are too many options for one person to compare alone.

    We source and evaluate consumer digital health products for you because having access to the future of healthcare shouldn't be so hard to get.


    We connect you with your peers.

    Community is important on a fundamental human level. Use our platform to talk about the health experiences that matter to you with those around you.

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