Why We Stand Out in the Crowd

Segment offerings by category

Digital health is a new and big market. Navigating it can be confusing so that's why we've stepped in. We've taken the time to find and organize consumer digital health products for you. Just choose your interests and voila!

Price and payment insights

We offer insight into prices across our product categories to help our community better compare available options. And since not all digital health products come at a low cost, we provide guidance on which are most likely to accept insurance or FSA/HSA funds. That's right. We're trying to save you money too.

Regulatory transparency

With us, science matters. Some digital health products require clinical validation or FDA approval, and for those that have this status, we disclose it to our community to help them make better informed decisions about which products or brands to support.

Let’s talk about why we think Digital Health is the future:


of US GDP is spent on healthcare. That's about $3.6 trillion a year, making healthcare one of the largest industries in the country.


of surveyed consumers say that they are interested in using digital assistants to track and monitor their health.


of consumers want more information and transparency when it comes to their healthcare choices. To us, that's a pretty basic right, and one in which digital health is poised to deliver.

Products Designed For You

Whether you're new to using technology for your healthcare needs or you're a pro at optimizing the right tech to get an important job done, there are options for you. There is something for everyone.

Digital Health Review

Who We Are

Welcome to the premier wellness marketplace focused on consumer digital health products. We provide a clear filter to take control of the most valuable thing someone can own - their health. Exhausted with trying to understand and find the right technology to improve our health, Digital Health Review was founded to help folks discover, decide and go digital in their healthcare.


We believe in the power digital health has to democratize quality healthcare for all. We also believe that digital health is more than the sum of product features. It's about wellness and trust. That's why we are dedicated to building a marketplace intent on informing our community about their options, not just selling products.

And because we value transparency and trust, we are not interested in selling the attention or data of our community to advertisers. So, take a look around and you'll find that we don't post or host ads on our platform. This platform is ad-free. What's more, you'll see that all brands are shown equally without special treatment. We are a neutral party, only interested in sharing digital health insights to create a healthier world.

For now, that's us in a nutshell.

Discover. Decide. Go Digital.

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