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We believe in the power digital health has to democratize healthcare for all. That's why we're dedicated to building a company intent on informing, connecting and empowering our members on their healthcare options - not just selling products.

We beileve transparency improves healthcare.
We listen to consumers to drive healthcare standards.
We are proudly Black womxn owned
Founding story

Digital Health Review helps you discover, decide, and go digital in your health care.

“I just became exhausted with trying to understand and find the right technology to improve my own health, and I knew the capabilities that tech could provide to vastly improve peoples lives - because I've spent my whole career building solutions to healthcare problems.

What's more, I knew there were millions of people struggling to get access to quality healthcare and often the biggest part of that struggle is knowing what is available to you.

And so Digital Health Review was founded with a simple mission to share the value of tech-enabled healthcare with the world because I know we can do better and be healthier."

- Blair Hirst, Founder

The look you deserve.

Heyday is a UI Kit designed for style-concscious health and wellness businesses.

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Customers have good things to say.

“The platform made it really simple for me, as a consumer, to identify digital products that specifically address my health concerns. They have a vast repository of products and vendors to help meet just about any medical concern you may have.”
Stasia F, Texas
“The best new company website. We are Team Heyday!”
“Looks like we just found our new favorite template.”
“Couldn’t praise this design highly enough, what a revelation.”

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